Healing Harmony Music Therapy

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Established in 2006, Healing Harmony Music Therapy provides Certified Music Therapy services in Bozeman, MT and the surrounding area. Healing Harmony works with a variety of populations in many settings including wellness centers, Bozeman Health Hospital, nursing homes, group homes, children in schools, oncology patients, and people with learning and developmental disabilities to address specific needs by way of music.


What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is a certified healthcare profession that utilizes music to achieve non-musical goals such as  relaxation, self care, group dynamics, speech, motor movement and much more!  Music Therapy separates itself from music education and music entertainment through a therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist and by facilitating each session tailored to your needs  


What do YOU need?

  • soothing music for relaxation, destressing and pain management
  • drumming circles for those who need a release
  • comforting songs for those who are in need of support


Healing Harmony Music Therapy...healing with every note!




  • Nurturing Sound Bath for private groups or individuals 
  • Group drum circles for self care 
  • Group music lessons for piano, guitar, ukulele and native flute 
  • Private and Group Music Therapy sessions 


HEALING HARMONY MUSIC THERAPY- Healing with every note