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HHMT Mission Statement

The mission statement of Healing Harmony Music Therapy is to provide the Gallatin Valley with the unique and gratifying aspects of Music Therapy.  Healing Harmony Music Therapy strives to give the most effective, up to date and professional Certified Music Therapy services. 

Meet the Founder

Trina Rainey MT-BC (was Trina Arledge) is the founder of Healing Harmony Music Therapy.  She is a Board Certified Music Therapist and holds a bachelor's degree in Music Therapy and Music Performance. She is enthusiastic about providing this community with the wonders of Music Therapy and is passionate about helping others to explore themselves through the power of music! She is one of the few Certified Music Therapists practicing in the state of Montana.  



What do we do?


Healing Harmony Music Therapy utilizes music to achieve non-musical goals to promote health by way of emotional expression, relaxation/pain management, cognition, and motor functioning.  Each session is based on strengths and needs of the individual.  Please refer to the Services page for a more detailed description of services.


Visit the American Music Therapy Association's (AMTA) official website for more information on Music Therapy!

Is there a Board Certified Music Therapist in my area?

HEALING HARMONY MUSIC THERAPY- Healing with every note