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Visiting Yellowstone is one of my favorite things to do!  We are so blessed that this land has been preserved, and we can still enjoy it's natural wonders!  Hiking through the forest reminds me to take the time to really be still, and take a breath of crisp, Montana air.  

Spending time outdoors is a time for cleansing and re-focus!  Be good to yourself, you know what is right for you.  Keep a daily journal, or an exercise log to help you stay motivated to better yourself!  And most of all, be PROUD of what you have set out to do!

Trina has been working hard to spread the word that Music Therapy is here in Bozeman!  As you explore this site, I encourage you to think of others who would be interested in knowing about Music Therapy!  Similar to the beauty of Yellowstone, music can be very realxing and can do wonderous things!  Please spread the word!!