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Healing Harmony Music Therapy services include:

Sound Bath: A group or private healing Sound Bath provides deep relaxation in mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing.  Sessions include the use of crystal singing bowls, harp, Native American Flute, vocals and chimes to create a soothing blanket of sound.  All sessions include live instruments and vibrations for the full effect  See the EVENTS page for upconing Bozeman Sound Baths! 

Group Music Lessons: HHMT offers piano, guitar, voice, ukulele and adaptive music lessons for students of all ages.  Please fill out this FORM and contact us for a trial lesson today!

 Drum Circles: Drum circles for wellness and self care  a great way to connect to your inner self and let the creative juices flow!! 

Relaxation Sessions:  Sessions tailored for strees, anqiety and pain management.  Music Therapy Relaxation Sessions can help your body and mind relax and get back to the basics.  Relaxation sessions are facilitated with live music from the Native American Flute or guitar.  The exercises in these sessions include deep breathing, stress and tension release, Guided Imagery and meditation.  The music therapist holds a Level I training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) to help find your own inner vision.

Older Adults Facilities:  Private and group music thearpy sessions provide opportunity to increse wellness and quality of life.  Sessions include stimulation, social interactio, expression, reminiscence and motivation for motor movement through singing, listening and playing instruments...sometimes even dancing!   Music Therapy has been used to increase cognition with Alzheimer's patients and increase mood and decrease anxiety levels for most residents.  

Hospice:  HHMT currently holds a contract with Enhabit Hospice and Home Health. Music has been known to provide comfort and support to hospice patients and their family. Music Therapists are specially trained in music and relaxation for pain management.  Utilizing this natural form of pain relief is extremely beneficial for hospice patients, especially after medications  and other forms of treatment are no longer effective.  Music Therapists also use music as a structure to allow for emotional expression and the recollection of happy memories. 

Hospital- In-patient Palliative Care: Music Therapy is benificial for hospital patients at bedside for pain management by way of relaxation with music, and diversion from medical procedures.  Music Therapy sessions also provide stimulation for patients, allow for social interaction, and an opportunity for emotional expression.

Adults and Children with Disabilities: HHMT is currently involved with clients from Reach Inc. and Eagle Mount here in Bozeman!  Music Therapy goals for adults and children with developmental disabilities are appropriate social interaction, increased quality of life, aiding in fine and gross motor skills, and opportunities for self expression.  For school aged children, Music Therapy goals and objectives can follow goals on the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).